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Barbara Williams Hodson, PhD

Barbara Williams Hodson, PhD, has published two phonology tests (one in Spanish), a computer software phonological analysis program, and three books, the most recent being, Evaluating and Enhancing Children’s Phonological Systems: Research and Theory to Practice. In addition, she has published a number of research articles in scholarly national and international journals, as well as chapters in textbooks. Hodson also has given several hundred Clinical Phonology presentations nationally (50 states) and internationally (New Zealand, Iceland, Panama, Puerto Rico, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, Taiwan, Saipan, and most of the Canadian provinces).

Prior to joining the faculty at Wichita State University, Hodson taught at San Diego State University and the University of Illinois (the institution where she received her PhD); she has received Teaching Awards from students at all three universities. Her major research interests have included: Applied Phonology and Metaphonology, Early Literacy, and Spanish Phonology. Her primary professional goal has been to develop more effective assessment and intervention procedures for children with highly unintelligible speech in order to expedite intelligibility gains. Hodson’s major recognitions include: Frank R. Kleffner Lifetime Clinical Career Award (American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation); Excellence in Research Award (Wichita State University); and the highest award of the profession, ASHA Honors.